Welcome to ViaVan!

ViaVan is the easy, fast, convenient, and smart way to get around Amsterdam, Amstelveen, and Schiphol. ViaVan is an on-demand, shared ride service that picks up multiple passengers heading in the same direction, keeping rides affordable and little more than the cost of public transit!

Working closely with cities and public transit operators, ViaVan powers dynamic shared mobility services that complement existing transportation infrastructure.

How does ViaVan work?

  • Book a ride in the ViaVan app

    Enter your destination in the app and accept the offered ride.

  • Walk to the indicated pick-up spot

    To make ridesharing super efficient, ViaVan uses nearby corners as ‘virtual busstops’ . The app will indicate at which pick-up spot your driver will pick you up, so please make sure to head to that location in time.

  • Share your ride with others going your direction

    Enjoy the ride with your driver and other passengers. You will be dropped off at another ‘virtual busstop’, at a walking distance from your destination.

  • Save cash and reduce carbon emissions and traffic