Via Flex Mode: How Does the App Work?

Logging in:
When you log in to the ViaPartner App as a Mixed mode driver*, the system will let you know when Blue mode (with hourly rates) is at capacity and will automatically guide you to Flex-mode.

*All sedan drivers who registered with Via after April 2017 are Flex only drivers; otherwise you are a Mixed mode driver with capability to drive in either Blue or Flex.

Step 1:

Log in to the ViaPartner App using:

1. Email
2. License plate
3. Via password

Step 2:

Once you are ready to receive rides, press “Start Shift” or “Go Online”. When ViaBlue mode is at capacity, you’ll be able to log into ViaFlex mode.
That’s it!

Accepting Rides:

Accepting the Ride Request:

When you are online, your app will notify you of new ride requests.

You have 20 seconds to accept or reject the request.

Once you accept a ride, the app will display directions to the pick-up.

Additional Pick-ups:

Your Flex trip begins once you’ve picked up your first rider.

The Via system will automatically assign additional pick-ups that will share the ride –you only have to accept the first pick-up!

The Flex trip ends when you drop off the last rider and your car is empty.

The Flexibility you want:
Take breaks whenever you want:

In Flex mode, you can take a break or end your driving session whenever you want. Just press the ‘Go Offline’ option on your screen.

The system will stop assigning you pick-ups and you will go offline as soon as you drop off the last rider and your Flex trip is finished.

Be online on multiple platforms:

ViaFlex mode can run in the background of your phone/tablet and will always send you a notification of a new ride request (make sure your sound is on!).

Remember, with our low 10% service fee and sharing premiums, Via rides will always be the most attractive to you!

Support During Live Rides
You can always call or text Via Ops for any assistance with unexpected +1’s, routing issues or tricky rider situations -we’re here to help!


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