How to Read Your Weekly Payment Report

Every Tuesday, you are emailed a Weekly Via Driver Report. Your weekly report provides a detailed description of your peak and off peak hours broken down by each day you drove in the Via System. You’ll also find information about deposits, bonuses, and fees & service fees.


In the Summary section, you’ll find:

The number of riders you serviced that week
Bonuses such as your Signing Bonus, or Referral bonus
Deposits & Deductions like your iPad deposit and data payment/lease fee (if you are using a Via device)
Adjustments such as promotions and reimbursements for tolls
Other Fees including the Via service fee and Black Car Fund
Total Payment or the total amount deposited to your bank account
Hours Breakdown

Next is the Hours Breakdown, which provides weekly information about the following:

Total Paid Time: the total number of hours you worked
AM Peak Hours: your morning peak hours
PM Peak Hours: your evening peak hours
Late Night Hours: your hours from 9 PM to Midnight
Off Peak Hours listing all your other hours (from 6AM to 7AM, 9AM to 5PM, and 8PM to 9PM)
Below the Hours Breakdown with all those weekly numbers, you’ll find the details for the hours worked on each day of the week.


Where do I see adjustments and bonuses on my weekly Via Driver Partner Report?

Adjustments can be made to your weekly payment for promotional offers, such as late-night guaranteed payments and promotional rates, or Referral & Signing Bonuses. When added, adjustments are found in the Adjustments section in the Summary of the weekly payment report and listed by category.
How can I contact Team Via if I have questions about my report?

If you have any questions about your weekly Via Driver Partner Report, please email us at [email protected] We’ll respond to inquiries within 24 hrs.

When will I receive my payment?

If you’ve elected for you checks to be directly deposited into your account, you’ll see a deposit from Flatiron Transit in the amount indicated on your report every Tuesday.

If you receive paper checks, these will be available for pick up at the Via Driver Partner Center on Tuesday afternoons. The Via Driver Partner Center is located at:

226 Fifth Avenue 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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