Base Transfer

All vehicles driving with the Via System must have current TLC FHV plates and must be affiliated with a TLC licensed Black Car or Luxury Limousine Base. Below is how to transfer to Flatiron Transit LLC, the black car base owned by Via’s subsidiary.

1) Make sure you have the correct Insurance

To be affiliated with a black car base, your vehicle must carry a minimum auto liability insurance policy with limits of $300,000 per occurrence, $200,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $100,000 per individual. Higher limits apply for vehicles with capacity greater than 8 passengers. See the complete insurance requirements here.
2) Complete a Base Transfer Application

Via’s Operations Team can help you complete a Base Transfer Application. To complete the application please stop by the Via Office during Office hours with the following documents:
Personal DMV License
Personal TLC FHC License
Social Security Card
Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Insurance (FH1 & Certificate of Liability)
Proof of Ownership: Title or Signed Lease with Driver’s Name or if the vehicle is owned through a corporation, the corporation documents showing the formation of the corporation.
3) Go to TLC for an appointment (which Flatiron will notify you of)

Once the New Vehicle Base Application is submitted and received, Flatiron will schedule an appointment for you at the TLC.
4) Submit your application and receive your Visual Inspection Date at your appointment

5) Complete the TLC Visual Inspection (which the TLC will schedule for you)

If they do not give you an inspection date, or if you miss your original inspection date, Flatiron can make you a new appointment.
6) Receive your Base Card and start driving!

Via Office
Via is located at 226 Fifth Ave, Floor 3 (between 26th & 27th Streets).

Office Hours are from 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. Please come during those designated times.

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