ViaVan Tip: Driving with Two Services

Thanks to our driver partners’ hard work and outstanding customer service, ViaVan is quickly becoming Amsterdam’s favorite shared ride service. We understand that many ViaVan drivers partners also drive with other apps and platforms. To make sure all ViaVan passengers have the best experiences, here are a few tips on how to be successful when you have two apps open.

  • Keep your ViaVan app open

    Whenever you’re on the road, keep your ViaVan app open and in a place where you can see notifications. As demand builds, we’ll send you more and more rides. Accept as many ViaVan rides as you can! With a low 15% service fee and high rocket rates, ViaVan rides are some of the most valuable in Amsterdam.

  • When you accept a ride offer from ViaVan, set other apps to ‘offline’

    After you accept a ViaVan trip, please log out of any other apps or taxi services until your ViaVan ride is complete. It is not acceptable to pick up passengers from other platforms when you have ViaVan passengers on board.

  • Reject rides if you are not available

    If ViaVan sends you a ride offer when you already have non-ViaVan passengers on board, please reject the ViaVan offer. Our system requires driver partners to head directly to accepted pickups, so it’s very important that you only accept ViaVan offers when your vehicle is empty and you are ready to drive with ViaVan.

  • Follow the directions in the ViaVan app

    ViaVan’s system will provide turn-by-turn directions to your pickups. Please follow these directions — ViaVan may add additional pickups along the route!