ViaVan Tip: Blue Modus Terminals

To make sure we’re providing the best service to our shared customers, it is important for Blue Modus driver partners to follow the directions in the ViaVan app. Tasks are assigned automatically on Blue Modus, so you don’t have to accept ride offers or terminal assignments. When asked to head to a terminal or a pickup, please immediately follow the directions to your next task.

What are terminals?

The ViaVan system gathers data from every ride request and, over time, learns how demand will change across the service zone and across the day. When you are on Blue Modus and your vehicle is empty, you will be routed you to an area of expected demand called a “terminal.” Please head directly to your terminal and press “I’m Here” when you arrive. If you receive a ride assignment while you’re on the way to the terminal, follow the directions in your app to the pickup!

Tips for Tricky Terminals

We know that is hard to park at some terminals in Central Amsterdam. Here are some tips for difficult terminals:

  • Follow the directions to the Blue Modus terminal

    ViaVan’s system will provide turn-by-turn directions to your terminal. Please follow this route — ViaVan may add a pickup along the way!

  • Find a safe place to park

    Look for a safe place to park at the assigned terminal. If you cannot find a place at the terminal, it’s ok to find another place within a block or two.

  • Avoid parking tickets

    If you’re in an area where you may be at risk of getting a parking ticket for stopping for too long, please circle the block or find another safe place to park nearby.

  • Send us your terminal feedback!

    If it is very challenging to wait at a specific terminal, please send us an SMS to let us know why the terminal is challenging and if there is a better place to wait nearby. We’re counting on your feedback to improve the Blue Modus experience!